If asked to determine what changes you would make in your project investments to address a 15-20% increase or decrease in your budget - what would you do?


Would you be ready for the challenge or lost?

Welcome to HPS Global Consulting

HPS Global Consulting, a division of Hyde Park Solutions LLC, is a specialist portfolio management consultancy providing strategic, operational, governance, financial and technology related advisory services to commercial and government organizations in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. We help customers in a number of ways:


  • Organizational Maturity Assessment – does your organization practice portfolio management? What are best practices for you to aspire to?


  • Demand Management – how do you collect, manage and provide visibility of the idea pipeline?


  • Investment Governance Models – what are the key steps, gates and stakeholders required to efficiently make investment decisions while maintaining appropriate oversight of spending? 


  • Portfolio Optimization – what is the best set of investments to meet the strategic and business objectives of your organization?


  • Investment Value – what is your process to select/execute to ensure your investment decisions deliver the highest return – whether financial or non-financial?


  • Benefits Realization – how can you manage portfolio benefits to ensure their achievement by the business?


  • Portfolio Risk - how do you assess/manage portfolio risk versus project risk?


HPS experts work hand-in-hand with customers bringing best practices from a broad spectrum of engagements with Fortune 500 customers to your portfolio management challenge. We deliver results, not reports. By understanding your organization, the way you work and listening closely, we support the enhancement of your “business processes” through analytics, change management and enabling tools.