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Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies and Government Institutions. We have had the privilege of working with amazing organizations across the globe, here are just a few of our many valued customers:


Customer Case Examples

“The HPS Global Consulting team provided critical insight and resources for every step of our journey―from assessment and planning, through implementation and rollout. Its experience with project-centric organizations was invaluable."

 Jason Davis, Senior Director IT Enterprise PMO - Covance Inc. 


Project: Implementation of a Stage Gate investment management process for the global IT organization and subsequent automation of the process in an enterprise-wide portfolio management tool .

John Repko,CIO Covance

"IT and Organizational Agility – Covance’s Journey”

Client: Global financial services organization



Project: Implementation of best practices portfolio management solution to automate and consolidate a single Global Demand Management model for IT Investments for this Top-5 Global Bank. Provided requirements development, tool configuration, workflow design/implementation, training and proprietary capacity optimization utility to support project portfolio management selection and prioritization process across North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC regions. Developed custom bi-directional integration with customer’s legacy project management system.


Results: Rollout to global regions provided first enterprise-wide view of IT project demand and capacity for delivery. Enabling dissemination of standards-based demand management process, consistent automation of previously region specific & highly manual processes and consolidation of regional information via global model approach.

Client: Top 3 global oil & gas producer

Project: Implementation of best practices demand management solution to support Global Oil & Gas Producer’s collection, review, prioritization and selection of projects for their annual $40B capital projects portfolio. Provided portfolio process design, enhanced configuration, training and proprietary integration utilities to enable the full end-to-end process from strategic planning to project prioritization, optimization and project execution tracking. 


Results: Streamlined and standardized the demand management process to provide Business Units easier input of project requests, while improving the quality of the data for each proposal. Consolidated data from 3 different systems, plus independent spreadsheet models in the organization’s new portfolio management tool. Standardization of pricing, financial calculations and outputs supports portfolio analysis team’s review of the initial proposals, optimization of the opportunity set of capital alternatives, development of efficient frontier portfolio options and recommendations for the final capital spending portfolio designed to meet the original strategic objectives. Provided a single source for senior leadership review of both project demand and consumption of the approved capital portfolio.

Client: North American food and drug retailer


Projects: Multiple projects over 2 1/2 year period  for $42.3B Retailer including enhancement of existing Portfolio Management solution, integration of solution with project management tool, automation of complex excel-based financial review and approvals process in portfolio management tool, automation of monthly status reporting for all IT projects and introduction of stage-gate management process for project initiation and prioritization.


Results:   Customer designation of portfolio management solution as the “single source of truth” for portfolio management, project management and financial management data for all IT investments.  Standardization of processes and reduction of overhead load for project, program and portfolio managers in the reporting and review processes.






Client: Your organization

Projects: Talk to us about what issues you are facing, and give us the chance to walk you through potential solutions.


Results:   Endless possibilities


Client:    Global pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and product provider

Project:  Automation of the R&D portfolio governance processes - consolidating from 60 separate spreadsheet models into a global portfolio management tool for this €1.6B revenue organization producing and marketing dermatological products in 33 countries across Europe, Asia, North & South America.


Results:  Improved the quality of short- and long-term decision making around research and innovation investments. Enabled fact-based evaluation of the trade-offs among risk, reward, cost and other considerations to make more informed portfolio management decisions based on consistent data.  Faster delivery of actionable information in support of decision-making. Reporting capabilities that support the kind of ‘what-if’ analysis required to evaluate alternatives and make the right decisions in a timely fashion.




Client:    Global natural gas producer

Project:   Consolidation and automation of Well Engineering (exploration, appraisal and development) project review and approval processes for this ₤10.3B natural gas producer from multiple stand-alone applications.


Results:   Automated workflow for annual ₤2.5B investment process as the growth in well projects per year is projected at 30% annually over the next 5 years with expansion in Russia, South America and Australia beyond the 25 countries with operations currently underway.


Client: Global IT consulting, outsourcing and systems integration company


Project: Implementation of best practices portfolio management solution to support Global Services Organization’s collection, review, prioritization, selection and execution of new/enhanced client services offerings for $16.5B services company. Provided enhanced configuration, training and proprietary data upload utility to enable additional functionality in the GSO process.


Results: Enabled internal team to speed time-to-decision for internal investment projects from weeks to days while reducing negative time impact and increasing fact-based collaboration for investment decision making group (group presidents). Effort enabled connection with company’s wiki environment to increase number and quality of the potential service offering submissions included in the review and prioritization process.

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