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Oracle provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems to more than 370,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—that represent a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. As trusted partner, we have worked closely with Oracle over the years to implement business solutions for our client needs. 

Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM)

OPPM v9.0 allows you to collaboratively create automated workflow and approval processes that support your ability to propose, plan, and control your investment portfolios. The highly configurable solution can be adapted to meet the needs of your organization as your processes change. OPPM is the hub of an effective six-step planning and control process that allows you to:


  • Clarify key strategic objectives by presenting them in measurable ways

  • Propose initiatives that align with the organization’s strategy and mission

  • Prioritize and select investments with strong business case justification that realistically incorporate funding and staffing

  • Track the state of activities and communicate the latest performance results of your investments

  • Review portfolio performance in real time and compare current to past or future data to identify investment gaps and potential problems

  • Adjust course as a result of portfolio reviews—increasing, decreasing, or withdrawing investment funding where appropriate 

Primavera Risk Analysis

Oracle's Primavera Risk Analysis is a full lifecycle risk analytics solution integrating cost and schedule risk management. Primavera Risk Analysis provides a comprehensive means of determining confidence levels for project success together with quick and easy techniques for determining contingency and risk response plans. You'll have an objective view of required contingency to account for cost and schedule uncertainty as well as analyzing the cost effectiveness of risk response plans. Combined, these form the basis of a "risk adjusted schedule," which today is becoming the norm within the planning and scheduling process.

Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM Release 8.1


Release 8.1 is the latest release of the Oracle Primavera EPPM solution.  This release includes numerous enhancements and a streamlined architecture that will enable companies to effectively plan, build, and operate their business. Key enhancements in R8.1 include:


  • A new iPhone App for Team Members

  • Ability to status tasks via E-mail

  • User Interface enhancements to simplify navigation

  • Resource improvements to better support staffing, assigning and monitoring of project resources

  • Streamlined reporting architecture to reduce cost of ownership & support of BI Publisher 11g

  • Support for Google Chrome

Oracle Crystal Ball

Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It gives you unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. With Crystal Ball, you can make the right tactical decisions to reach your objectives and gain a competitive edge under even the most uncertain market conditions.


Oracle Crystal Ball solutions begin with Oracle Crystal Ball, the base package for predictive modeling, Monte Carlo simulation and forecasting. Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management builds on that set of tools by adding the power of Oracle Crystal Ball to your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) applications.


Both editions can be enhanced with Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer, an option for Oracle Crystal Ball that adds the advanced capabilities of optimization and calculation speed to Oracle Crystal Ball's powerful simulation and forecasting toolset. Finally, for the academic community, Oracle offers the Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Edition, an affordably priced, fully-functioning version of Oracle Crystal Ball and the Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer.


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