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Cloud Hosting 

Cloud hosting is evolving at a rapid pace, and it's easy to see why so many organizations are making the switch. With benefits that include increased accessibility + flexibility, access to rapid globalization, and decreased spending it's clear there are some major opportunities to join the cloud. Along with the many benefits however, there also comes potential pitfalls that your organization may fall into. HPS is your dynamic, creative, and strategic partner; we will listen to your needs, execute a streamlined rollout, and drive your organization into cloud hosting success! Let HPS Global Consulting help your company take advantage of working in a cloud based environment.  

Low Cost

Save time, labor, and money by taking advantage of our world leading cloud based solutions.


The cost of building, implementing, and managing the inhouse infrastructure capable of pushing the benefits your company needs can often heavily impact the viability of a project, which can lead to killing projects and initiatives for unnecessary, non-strategic reasons.  

Elastic Scalability

Not all solutions have the same requirements. As your company's capacity needs fluctuate, don't be caught either paying to maintain expensive inhouse hardware that is being underutilized or having to make unnecessary and potentially harmful strategic and project decisions based on limited capacity resources. With our cloud based solutions, we can ensure that you are getting what you need, when you need it without paying for what you dont. 

Global Satisfaction 

Because of the limitations of traditional infrastructure, it can be difficult and costly to provide a beneficial experience to your users on a wider scale. For smaller companies this can be a barrier to expansion, and for larger companies this can result in multiple regions using different and often conflicting, solutions. By taking advantage of our cloud based environment, we can develop unified and consistent solutions that drive greater corporate alignment and result in true strategic flexibility on a global scale. 

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