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We drive results, not reports. 

HPS Global Consulting is the world’s leading Portfolio Management Consultancy with a history of success and a reputation as an industry thought leader. Our mission is to provide our customers with “the right stuff”, whether that is best practice advice on how to implement effect governance processes, or why not to take a particular course of action. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients around the globe, and that includes delivering results, not reports. We strive for personal excellence, are passionate about what we do, and are relentless in delivering the right solutions to our clients and partners!


HPS provides strategic, operational, financial and technology related advisory services to global, regional and local organisations in the UK, Europe and North America. Known for our straightforward approach to solving our customers' most complex business challenges, we bring broad experience and best practices knowledge to each engagement. HPS consultants work hand-in-hand with customers to improve business performance, drive shareholder value, and create competitive advantage in the most practical, sensible ways possible.


We provide a tailored approach to diagnosing our customer’s concerns, and then align solutions that fit their organization, capabilities, and goals. We meticulously craft and implement these solutions to offer sustainable competitive advantage for the long haul. This takes hard work, effective listening, and producing results that exceed expectations - but it's what we love to do!



The World at your fingertips, we reach you wherever your needs are

With decades of experience working with some of the top companies from around the world, HPS brings a truly global perspective to its work. Whether you are a small regional company or a large multinational corporation, let us use our expertise to help you reach your goals. 

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